Soup – Carrot and Coriander


One of our favourite Autumn soups that we make in batches and freeze any excess (not that there is much). Download our delicious recipe and you’ll be a big fan too!





Carrot – Bambino

A “baby carrot” variety producing slender, cylindrical blunt roots with a small core, smooth skin and a lovely deep orange colour. Suitable for early, second early or maincrop; do try this variety for its wonderful sweet flavour.

Latin NameDaucus carota subsp. sativus

Sowing Instructions – Sow from Feb under cloches, cold frame or fleece. Direct sow into well prepared, light well-drained soil that is stone free. Carrots do not like manured soils. Beds are best prepared in the previous autumn. Rake in a general purpose fertilizer 1-2 weeks before sowing. Sow very thinly 10mm deep in drills 20cm apart. Water until germination occurs. Germination takes 10-20 days. When large enough to handle thin to 5cm spacing.

Hints and Tips – Water only to keep the soil moist, excessive water encourages leaf, not root growth. Earth up around growing carrots to prevent green crowns. Carrot fly can be a problem, if so cover with fleece or fine netting.

Seeds – Approx 375

Coriander Cruiser

Coriander Cruiser​ is a new British bred variety that we are recommending to those of you who grow your herbs in pots and containers. Cruiser has large shiny green leaves and a good basal branching habit. The plants are vigorous, but at the same time very slow to bolt, giving a long picking time.

Latin NameCoriandrum sativum

Sowing Instructions – Growing in pots – Seeds can be sown directly into pots or containers, which have a minimum depth of 15cm to accommodate the long tap root. Use quality compost to ensure healthy plants. Coriander are equally at home in sunny positions and partial shade but always ensure the plants are watered otherwise they will quickly go to seed. Apply a liquid feed every 2-3 weeks.

Hints and Tips – Simply pick or cut the leaves from the parent plant and use when required. The leaves will keep in a fridge for a few days but you can also freeze them. The best way to freeze is to collect the leaves and stems and place straight into a plastic bag before placing into a freezer.

Seeds – Approx 150


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