Soup – Tomato and Basil


One of our favourite Autumn soups that we make in batches and freeze any excess (not that there is much). Download our delicious recipe and you’ll be a big fan too!





Tomato – F1 Balconi Red

Tomato ‘Balconi Red’ requires no side shooting or training and is suitable for growing outdoors or in the greenhouse or conservatory.

Latin NameSolanum lycopersicum L.

Sowing Instructions – For greenhouse cultivation: sow from February to March. For outdoor cultivation: sow from March to April.

Sow seeds on the surface of a good, free-draining, damp, seed sowing mix and cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place seed trays in a propagator at a constant temperature of around 15-20C until after germination, which takes 7-14 days. When seedlings gain 2 true leaves, transplant into individual 7.5cm (3″) pots of compost and grow on at a minimum temperature of 15c.

When tomato plants are well grown, transplant into baskets and containers. When all risk of frost has passed gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 – 10 days before positioning baskets outdoors in a sheltered position in full sun.

Hints and Tips – A very compact bush variety producing large trusses of very tasty, cherry sized fruits. Ideal for container growing; works well in mixed baskets but the compact nature manes that many plants are needed for a straight tomato basket. Fruit: red, cherry, 12-16 grams. Water tomato plants frequently, to keep the compost evenly moist. Feed tomatoes regularly with a high potash plant food once the first truss of fruit has formed. Dwarf bush varieties do not require staking or side shooting.Tomatoes can be harvested as they ripen from July to September.

Seeds – Approx 8

Basil – Red Leaved

Red basil adds a lovely reddish purple leaves to dishes but with the traditional Sweet basil taste although a little stronger in flavour. It makes a lovely colourful statement plant in the garden as well as an excellent herb in the kitchen

Latin NameOcimum basilicum

Sowing Instructions – Sow seed indoors in trays of seed compost, 6mm deep and cover with finely sieved compost or vermiculite. Cover & keep at a temperature of between 18-20C. Keep watered and germination will take place in about 5-10 days. When the seeds have germinated, water sparingly to prevent ‘damping off.’ Carefully transplant each seedling to a small pot and grow on for 4 weeks. Either transplant into larger pot (about 15cm) or into garden, spacing plants every 25cm apart, in rows 25cm apart. Only plant in garden when all threat of frost has passed late May to early June. Alternatively sow direct in soil when night time temperatures are above 13C, June time, but the greenhouse method is more successful.

Hints and Tips – Don’t overwater basil but keep moist and don’t water foliage. Water in the morning as evening watering can lead to ‘damping off’. Pinch out growing tip 2 weeks after final transplant to encourage bushy basil plants.

Seeds – Approx 35


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