About Seed-Tube

Seed-Tube is a brand new small family business on the London/Essex border. Although we love gardening and growing our own flowers and vegetables, we have always been frustrated by the paper packets with their aluminium inserts. Not only that but then the ripped packets leave you squinting at instructions that can no longer be read!

So we are introducing our ‘Seed-Tubes’, which allow you to buy seeds in our special 100% biodegradable tubes and packaging, which can then be replenished with refills. Each tube contains top quality seed and easy to read growing instructions to appeal to every level of gardener out there. Happy planting.

All the sowing information and growing tips you find on our website have been either provided by our seed partners or written by us from our growing experience, we’ll add pictures of the sowing, the seedlings, the plant and finally the finished flowers/fruit, towards the end of the season.

All our seeds are supplied in a ‘Seed-Tube’, our biodegradable packaging which include a photo of each variety. The photos are supplied from our library of pictures of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit. Each variety has the sowing and growing instructions in the packet, making it easier to take into the garden when sowing. Our fantastic looking seed-tubes can be used over and over again can be composted when you no longer need them., Then you can buy our refills at a much reduced rate so enjoying great seeds at the cheapest prices.

Vegetable Seeds

Our wonderful range of vegetable seeds have been selected to suit the home gardener or allotment holder for the best taste and productivity. Nothing beats the taste of a fresh picked vegetable.

Chilli Seeds (coming soon!)

We will research the best chillies for you, and add them soon.

Flower Seeds

It’s our first year growing cut flowers, let’s see how successful we are.

Schools and Children (coming soon!)

We really want to revolutionise the way schools plan and introduce children to the wonderful world of growing vegetables. Most make the same mistakes growing vegetables that end up ready for harvesting once the school term is over. Our planner and specific seeds will ensure that the children experience the sowing, growing and tasting of their own grown vegetables.