Winter Squash – Butternut F1 Hunter


We love the Hunter F1 variety because it is an early maturing Squash which has been specifically developed over the last 10 years to suit the UK climate. It is very hardy producing strong plants that will provide 5 – 7 squashes.

The squashes are light tan in colour with sweet, bright orange flesh, they have an excellent flavour and store very well. It matures up to 4 weeks earlier than other varieties, but has a more compact open habit with slightly smaller fruit…Brian and Abi

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Latin NameCucurbita moschata

Sowing Instructions – Sow indoors early spring onwards into blocks/pots or modules harden off before transplanting into final position. Sowing in situ sow 2 seeds per station after last frosts, thinning to the strongest one.

Hints and Tips –  Squash are best eaten at the immature stage such as a courgette, they should ideally be picked a few days after flower bloom, when the fruits are young and tender. Most popular as mini veg.

Number of seeds – 8


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