Watermelon – Charleston Grey


Dating back to the 1950’s, this variety has long been popular in the US. Over here it is probably the one thing that causes the most surprise with visitors to our nursery when they see them growing here. “You can’t grow watermelons in the UK can you?” The answer is of course yes!

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Latin Name ā€“ Citrullus lanatus

Sowing Instructions ā€“

Sow under protection in pots late February to April.
Place seeds on end, blunted end pointing downwards in compost – simply push into compost out of sight. Water thoroughly and germinate at a temperature of 75F (24C).
When seed leaves are developed reduce temperature to around 65 – 70F (18 – 21C).
Plant out late March (heated greenhouse) or late May (unheated greenhouse), or later if growing outside. Plant one per growbag or straw bale or one per large pot.
Allow the plant to sprawl as it wishes – it should spread to no more 5 feet (1.5 metres) in diameter.
Rest the fruits on straw or similar to keep the clean and prevent slug damage.

Hints and Tips ā€“

  • Protect newly sown seeds from mice. Mice are notorious in ‘sniffing out’ seed of this nature.
  • Keep the soil / compost moist – watering around the plant, not the foliage.
  • Fruits are ripe when they have an almost hollow ring when tapped – and also when the pale underbelly of the fruit has changed from white to off yellow in colour.

Seeds – 8

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