Tomato – Red Berry


Tomato Red Berry a cherry variety, exceptionally long trusses bear up to 50 bright red cherry sized fruits which are full of flavour.

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Latin Namelycopersicon lycopersicum

Sowing Instructions – Sow these little seeds in small pots and they can be started on your windowsill. The little seedlings should start showing around 7 days if you have the right temperature. When they are about 6cms and have about 4 leaves put them into bigger pots.

Once the plants are 20cm tall, they can be planted in their final positions. Because tomatoes like the warmth you will always get a earlier and bigger crop from greenhouse grown plants but if not, up agaist any wall works well. Greenhouse grown plants can be planted April onwards. Plants for outside should be hardened off, before planting out, this means get them used to the outside wether.

Being a cordon variety Tomato Tomatoberry will need support as it grows. String can be used, tied firmly to a strong support wire above and tied loosely around the base of the plant. The plants are then twisted round the string as they grow. The direction of twisting doesn’t matter, but be consistent; otherwise you will untwist the ones you did earlier! Canes can be used, but be careful that heavily loaded plants may slide down unless tied securely. At the same time make sure you don’t strangle the plant stems.

Hints and Tips – Other tasks – Sideshoots should be removed regularly before they get large. It should be possible to do this by hand but if they get too big ask an adult to remove them. Some leaves may need to be removed if very congested and old leaves should be removed from the bottom of the plant as they begin to age. They should snap out like sideshoots. Doing this will also allow easier picking off ripen fruits and reduce disease risk.

Number of seeds:- Approx 5

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