Sweetcorn – F1 Lark


Big, tall and with juicy Sweetcorn cobs to eat that is why Lark F1 is one of our favourites to grow. This  tender sweet variety that is very sweet with a thin skinned juicy kernel about 21cm in length. A mid-season variety with excellent cold soil performance. Great plucked and used straight from the garden, a different taste to the shop bought varieties.

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Latin Name Zea mays var. saccharata

Sowing Instructions – Indoor – 1 seed into 8cm pot filled with moist compost at a temperature of 13C. They are not keen on root disturbance so transplant very carefully. Harden off seedlings during the day for 3/4 days before planting outside.

Outdoor – Sow 2 seeds at one station 2.5cm deep in early summer at 40 cm intervals in a rectangular block (helps to aid pollination). Remove the weaker seedling. In cold weather and particularly in the north cover the seed with a cloche to keep them warm and germinate better. Water well.

Hints and Tips – Earth up stems in summer to give better anchorage. Keep well watered and top dress soil with organic matter periodically.

Seeds – Approx 12

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