Sweet Pea – Fantasia


Compact (Basket) Variety. A dwarf bush variety that is ideal for use in hanging baskets and containers. The dark leaved plants come in a mixture of the following colours: white, pink, rose, deep rose, rose bi-colour, red, lilac, purple and deep salmon. Plants grow to around 20cm and have a spreading habit.

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Latin NameLathyrus odoratus

Sowing Instructions -Sow your sweet peas seeds anytime from October until March, two seeds to a pot. You can sow your sweet pea seeds in March but growing sweet peas over winter will produce stronger, more robust plants.

I usually use root trainers – long, thin pots or cardboard loo rolls – to sow my sweet peas into. All legumes, these included, like growing with a long root run, so deep pots like these are ideal. Push seeds in to about an inch below the surface of the multi-purpose compost – dampen the surface and then push each seed in with your finger.

Cover the pots with newspaper or a polystyrene tile to keep moisture and warmth in and light out. Some heat will speed up germination, but is not essential.

Hints and Tips – Pinch out the leader – the growing tip – when there are three or four pairs already grown. Just squeeze it off between your finger and thumb, reducing the plant to one to two inches in height. This promotes vigorous side shoot formation – the energy of the plant going into growing out, not up.

Approx seeds – Approx 25



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