Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap


Dionaea muscipula, commonly called the Venus Flytrap, Venus Fly Trap, or VFT, is found naturally in the coastal plain of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina.

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The plant is surprisingly adaptable If you feed a Venus Flytrap something that doesn’t move, e.g., a dead insect, it will not close tightly over it. You need to squeeze the trap and move the food around so it imitates the action of a live insect. The Venus Flytrap is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow considering its narrow distribution in the wild.
Put the plant on the window sill so the sun can shine on it.

This gift includes compost pots, pellets, growing instructions, a drawstring bag and a gift tag. If you would like a personalised gift tag included please write in the message box below.

Please make a note at the bottom of your order for your preference. Adult brown tube or kiddies cartoon version Venus Fly Trap.

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