Grow Your Own Christmas Tree


Grow you very own Scots Pine Christmas Tree with these easy to follow instructions. Christmas tree seeds need a period of cold treatment before they will germinate. This can be done outside over
Winter or indoors at any time. Expand the coir pellets by placing in water and drain, plant the seed and cover lightly place in pot provided and cover with polythene.

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Sow outdoors (October to January) – Place your pots in a sheltered place, cold frame or unheated greenhouse. Don’t let the compost dry out. The seedlings will emerge in Spring when the weather warms up.
Indoors – Anytime Place pots in the fridge for 4-6 weeks. Don’t let the compost dry out. After 4-6 weeks move to 15-21c on a sunny windowsill or preferably a propagator.

When the seedlings emerge, open the covering. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, transfer to 7/9cm pots and grow on, repotting as required. Indoor grown seeds can be moved outside in spring
once all risk of frost has passed. Acclimatise the plants gradually over a week or two.

1 x Tube of Christmas tree seeds

5 x eco friendly pots

5 x Compost pellets

1 x Growing instructions

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