Pumpkin – Atlantic Giant


For giant pumpkin contests. Add intrigue to your pick-your-own patch or farm market with your own giant pumpkins! This variety is easy to grow but requires plenty of space, as vines spread 25′ or more. Fruit often weigh 200 to 300 lbs. with average care, and the world record is over 2000 lbs.! These giant, deep-round, yellow-orange pumpkins add giant fun to Halloween!

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Latin NameCucurbita maxima

Sowing Instructions – Sow late March to May in a propagator on a windowsill in a greenhouse/house at approximately 20-25°C (68-78°F) using a quality compost. Cover seeds with 19mm (¾”) compost (Germination 5-8 days). Grow on, planting out when frost risk has passed, 120cm (4′) between plants each way. Alternatively sow outside May/June, 2 seeds per station. Thin to strongest seedling. Restrict fruits to 3-4 per plant. To grow really big pumpkins restrict to one fruit and feed regularly with potassium fertiliser. Grows best in rich soil. Water and feed regularly. Sowing to Cropping: 18-22 weeks.

Hints and Tips –  After two pumpkins have set pinch out if you want to grow a giant.

Number of seeds – 6


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