Peppermint has attractive, fragrant dark green serrated leaves and produces little mauve flowers. It has a strong flavour so use sparingly, great in puddings, chocolate mousse and tea infusions. It is best to remove the flowers as soon as they appear as they will reduce leaf production.

Peppermint grows to 60cm and has an infinite spread – it is an invasive plant. To stop it spreading out of control it is best to plant it in a container and then plant the container into the soil. This will help contain its spread, re-pot when necessary. It can be kept easily in a pot.

It is a hardy herbaceous perennial that dies back each autumn and regrows the following spring, some mulch in autumn will help it through winter. It is a good companion plant as it repels many insects by it’s strong aroma so plant near brassicas.

Don’t plant two different types of mint near each other as they will cross and both their flavours will become inferior.

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Latin NameMentha piperita

Sowing Instructions – Sow seed in seed compost, but do not cover seed. Ensure the compost is moist, but not wet and cover. Keep at 18-20C. Germination is erratic and may take 1-2 weeks or a few weeks. Transplant seedlings in to a small pot when large enough to handle and plant out 30cm apart when risk of frost has passed.

Hints and Tips –Regular picking will ensure a healthy crop and encourage new fresh shoots to grow. To prevent mint from becoming straggly or woody cut back after flowering.  Once established it can be picked for 5-6 months a year and keeps well dried for the winter months.

Number of Seeds – Approx 500


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