Pansy – Joker Mixed


Joker Pansies were developed for outdoor culture, the plants readily flower in the Autumn and are fully Winter hardy. In earliness Jokers are equal to the Giant Forerunner series making them highly suitable for Autumn and Spring sales. A formula mixture of Joker colours and others not listed to make an interesting display.

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Latin NameViola x wittrockiana

Sowing Instructions – Sow the seed into trays or plugs, cover lightly with vermiculite, and keep the compost moist. Germinate at 18-20°C, shading to avoid excessive temperatures which can depress germination. Germination should be apparent in about 7-10 days.

Sow June for September-October flowers
Sow July for October-November flowers
Sow Aug for for November December flowers
Sow Oct-Dec for April flowers
Sow Jan for May flowers

Hints and Tips – Ideal for beds and border. Scented. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

Number of seeds – Approx 30


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Tube or Refill

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