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Mina Lobata Exotic Love is an easy to grow climbing annual ideal for containers and for covering walls, fences, trellises and archways. This variety if preferred can also be grown in hanging baskets by simply pinching out the growing tips as it grows larger. Mina produces sprays of tiny banana shaped flowers which change colour as they age, resulting in a plant covered with blooms in every shade from white to bright red all through the summer months.

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Latin NameIpomoea lobata

Sowing Instructions -We suggest always starting Mina Lobata indoors, soak the seeds for 24 hours in clean cold water before sowing. Sow one seed in a 5 – 7 cm pot in good quality moist compost to the depth suggested above. Place in a propagator or clear polythene bag and seal, seeds will germinate above 18 degrees c. Once the seeds start to germinate remove from the bag or propagator and place in a cooler but not cold location. After a few weeks, pot on into larger 10 – 13 cm wide pots. Grow on in a greenhouse or cold frame until all risk of frost has passed and the plants are growing strong.
Harden off over 10 – 15 days before planting out.

Hints and Tips – Plant the young mina plants close to their support, a trellis, archway etc. Water the young plants well until established. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks during the growing season. Established plants will need regular watering especially in dry conditions or if growing in containers and hanging baskets. If growing in hanging baskets, pinch out the growing tips as the plants grow larger.

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