Marrow – F1 Zebra Cross


A good productive variety with striped skin, good in the kitchen and often wins prizes on the show bench. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.

Plant out after frost has passed, keep well watered in dry spells and you will soon be cutting masses of delicious, young courgettes. Most are best picked when about 15cm/6in long.

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Latin Name Cucurbita pepo

Sowing Instructions – Sow 20mm deep from mid April to June, in pots or trays of moist seed compost, and germinate at 20C, which usually takes up to 7 days. Try to sow the seeds on their edge for reliable germination. Pot on individual seedlings to small pots of compost, and plant out at 75cm intervals once frost risk has passed. Alternatively sow 20mm deep outdoors in rich soil from mid May to June, at 75cm intervals. Make sure they are kept well watered and mulched regularly and the marrows will be ready to pick from June to the first frosts. You will get a heavier crop and extent the season if you harvest them regularly.

Number of seeds:- Approx 10

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