Lovage is a herb with deeply divided dark green leaves it looks & tastes like celery. It is mainly the leaves & seeds of Lovage that are used but the root can be eaten too like a vegetable too.

Lovage can be used as a substitute for parsley or celery in recipes but as it has a stronger flavour it is best to use in smaller quantities.

Lovage is a bushy perennial that grows up to 1.5 m tall. It is best to use the leaves when young – snip stems at about 40cm as older/longer leaves can taste bitter. Some stems can be left and they will produce flat tiny clusters of green-yellow flowers followed by brown seeds use these seeds like celery seed.

Lovage does die back in winter but will regrow the following spring. Sometimes a layer of mulch will help it get through particularly cold winters. A very useful herb in stews, soups and stocks and goes well with chicken & pork.

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Latin NameLevisticum Officinalis

Sowing Instructions – Sow 3-4 seeds 1mm deep into a small pot with compost. Water and keep undercover at 15C. When large enough to handle thin to the strongest seedling. When the risk of frost has passed ‘harden off’ seedlings for 5 days before planting outside 45cm apart. Keep well watered. Harvest regularly to ensure fresh new growth.

Hints and Tips –Keep well watered. Harvest regularly to ensure fresh new growth.

Number of Seeds – Approx 300


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