Lavender – Ellagance Snow


This is a splendid strain specifically bred to give fully first year flowering plants. It produces well branched, bushy plants bearing large and generous, snowy-white flower spikes over a long flowering season.

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Latin NameLavandula angustifolia

Sowing Instructions – Sow indoors Feb-Apr. Sow directly May-July. Surface sow onto moist well-drained seed compost. Just cover seed with a sprinkling of soil. Ideal temp. 15-20°C. Germination takes 2 weeks approx. but can be erratic and take up to 90 days. If germination has not occured after 4 weeks try cold stratification. Move to -4°C-+4°C. for 4-6 weeks then return to warmth. After germination grow on in cooler temp. of 15°C. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8cm pots. Acclimatise and plant out when danger of frost has passed with 45cm spacing. For direct sowing, sow 5mm deep into prepared soil, thin to required spacing.

Hints and Tips – These shrubs flower on new wood therefore annual pruning will improve flowering and prevent them from becoming woody. Prune immediately after flowering or in the subsequent spring.

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