Kohl Rabi – F1 Ballot


We love Kohl Rabi and ‘Ballot F1’ is a favourite. It really looks exotic and unusual. This strange looking purple veg with long tendrils is actually a swollen stem rather than a root. It is a popular vegetable in Germany and ‘kohl’ is German for ‘cabbage’. The taste is a cross between broccoli and the heart of a cabbage….try it, you’ll come back for more….Brian and Abi

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Latin NameBrassica oleracea Gongylodes

Sowing Instructions –Sow under cover in modules from late Feb. Plant out when about 5cm tall after a period of ‘hardening off’. Space 15cm apart in rows 30cm apart. Alternatively, direct sow seeds in a drill 13mm deep in rows 30cm apart and thin to one every 15cm.

Hints and Tips –Keep well watered.

Seeds – Approx 25


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