Hibiscus Simply Love – Mothers Day Gift


All our tubes are 100% biodegradable and can be replenished with refills. Each tube contains top quality seeds and easy to read growing instructions.

The gift includes Hibiscus Seeds in a biodegradable tube, growing instructions, hessian bag and a gift label.

This gift makes the perfect present to show somebody just how much they mean to you.



  • Simply Love’ is a tender, bushy, hairy annual or short-lived perennial with palmately-lobed, dark green leaves divided into three deeply lobed, linear or lance-shaped leaflets and, from summer into autumn, trumpet-shaped, white to pale yellow flowers with dark purple-brown centres.

    Hibiscus ‘Simply Love’ is one of the stand-out stars of the garden. The bushy plants bear lovely iridescent silvery flowers, each with a chocolate-purple centre. The flowers grow 7 to 9cm wide (3 to 4in) and carried in huge numbers over the entire plant for all of the summer and well into autumn. In full sun and well composted soil it puts on a spectacular summer display.

    Our seeds are biodegradable and can be refilled.

    Happy Planting.


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