Thyme – English Winter


Thyme English Winter is a hardy evergreen perennial and has small aromatic dark green leaves with clusters of small pale pink flowers. Thyme English Winter can be picked all year round and is the classic herb used in ‘bouquet garni’.

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Latin Name ā€“ Thymus vulgaris

Sowing Instructions ā€“ The seed is very fine so mix some with horticultural sand to make it easier to handle. Sprinkle seed thinly on seed trays but cover the seed very very lightly or not at all. Place ideally in a heated propagator or cover with a polythene bag and keep at 20C. Seed should germinate in 2 weeks. Transplant into small pots when large enough. (Thyme can be multi-sown on to a plug tray to avoid the pricking out stage). When thyme plants are about 10cm tall, ‘harden off’ for 3-4 days & transplant to garden or container when risk of frost has passed. Plant herbs 30cm apart and add grit to planting hole if soil is not light.

Hints and Tips ā€“ Be careful to keep watering to a minimum as seedlings are prone to ‘damping off’ and always water from the bottom. Thyme is a woody perennial so after 3 years it will need dividing to encourage fresh vigour and after 5 years it will probably need replacing, but cuttings are easy to take.

It can be picked very lightly in it’s first year but if possible leave alone in first year and pick from second year. It can be harvested all year round but only lightly in winter as it isn’t growing. Once established can be picked all year.

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