Famed as part of a double act alongside onion in the famous sage and onion stuffing, sage is a strongly-scented herb that can be used to flavour many vegetable or meat dishes. Fresh or dried leaves are used to make teas. Sage loves a warm, sunny and sheltered spot – and is attractive enough to be grown alongside other ornamental plants.

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Latin NameSalvia officinalis

Sowing Instructions – Sage seeds can be direct-sown into the warm spring soil after all danger of frost, but most gardeners find it easier to begin the seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost, soaking the seeds overnight can lead to quicker germination. Sow the seeds in samll pots on your windowsill or in a propagator. Transplant when 6-8cm.

Hints and Tips – As it’s an evergreen leaves can be picked at any time for adding fresh to dishes. To ensure leaves remain in good condition over winter, protect the top growth from the worst of the weather with a layer of horticultural fleece. If you have a glut of leaves or lots of plants, consider drying or freezing the excess.

Number of seeds – Approx 40


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