Grey Willow Garden Trug


This flower and herbs trug is not only attractive, it is also practical. Suitable for picking all types of flowers, and particularly for long-stemmed flowers. Put the arm through the wide handle of the basket and hold it in the crook of the arm, leaving both hands free for picking flowers.

  • suitable for all kinds of flowers
  • flat bottom, ideal for long stemmed flowers
  • no raised edges to avoid damaging the flowers
  • wide handle
  • very decorative

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  • Garden&Terrace, Garden Tools, Tools, Cultivation, Necessities, Others, Nature at home, Dried Flowers & Herbs, Others
  • Product dimensions in cm     L 27 x W 52.3 x H 23.5
  • Material                                           Willow Branches
  • Gross weight                                 0.51 kg
  • Net weight                                     0.464 kg


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