Gift Set for children – Brussel and Bean Gift Set


“Brussel and Bean” gift set including complimentary book

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Runner Bean Enorma is a popular and widely grown prizewinner type, with straight, long pods, 30-32cm in length. It has red flowers with purple seed and good flavour. Enorma is a popular amateur variety being grown on allotments around the UK.

Sow beans outdoors from mid-May until July, 5cm deep, two seeds per support cane, spaced 15cm (6in) apart. After germination remove the smaller and less robustRunner beans are one of the most productive and pretty crops for containers – and an excellent choice for small spaces. Growing runner beans in pots is not difficult. They are one of the best crops for containers. of the two young plants thinning to one plant per cane. As they grow, ensure the plants continue to twine around their canes and water well.

Brussel Brodie
Growing Instructions :Sow seeds sparingly under cover into pots or seed trays of well-drained seed compost in spring. Pot on seedlings individually as they grow and gradually accustom to cooler temperatures before planting outside in May, spacing plants 60cm apart and firming in well.

This children’s gift set includes two of our 100% biodegradable seedlings tubes, brussel and bean which can be refilled in the future, a hessian drawstring bag, compost pellets, pots, a beautiful green watering can with spout, green gardening gloves, a gift label and our complimentary children’s book “The Stinky Sprouts in a rather smelly Christmas Tale”.

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