Brussels Sprout – Brodie F1


Brodie reguarly comes in top for flavour in recent taste panels. Good leaf and button disease resistance and holds well. Mild sweet, non-bitter, peppery taste. Sold for best flavour in the supermarket and is the perfect addition to any Christmas dinner.

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Latin Name – Brassica oleracea

Sowing Instructions – Sow in a finely raked ‘seedbed’ outdoors early March-April. For early crops, sow in frames or under cloches during February. Transplant to final growing positions at 60-90cm apart in well-firmed soil May-early June.

Hints and Tips – Ideal for beds and borders, raised beds. Prefers full sun. Brussels sprouts plants perform best when firmed in well, this prevents ‘wind-rock’ where the sprouts can split or ‘blow’.

Seeds – 10


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