Broccoli – F1 Santee (Same season Early Sprouting)


The delicious Purple Sprouting Broccoli Santee F1 produces spears from June through to November. It does not require exposure to cold as some of the later varieties do and consequently it will crop in the same year it is planted.


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Latin NameBrassica oleracea var. italica

Sowing Instructions – Sow sprouting broccoli seeds in a well-prepared seed bed from March to June at a depth of 13mm (1/2″) and spaced 30cm (12″) apart. Transplant to their final positions around 5 weeks later when the seedlings have four or five leaves.

Hints and Tips – Carefully hoe around the plants to keep weeds down. Protect from those pesky birds – they love the young seedlings. Put canes in the ground with upturned plant pots on top. Drape netting over and secure with bricks on the ground. Water regularly especially in dry conditions. Apply a mulch to conserve moisture – grass clippings on top of wet news papers, well rotted compost or manure – to mention but a few. From time to time feed the growing Broccoli with a liquid fertiliser. As the plants get taller you may need to stake the plants. Re-firm the Broccoli plants if the have become loosend by wind or frost.

Seeds – 8

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