Basil – Lemon


Wonderful lemon fragrance and taste, a real culinary delight. Used regularly in our kitchen.

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Latin Name – Ocimum × citriodorum

Sowing Instructions – Sow seed indoors in trays of seed compost 5mm deep and cover with finely sieved compost or vermiculite. Cover & keep at a temperature of between 18-20°C. Keep watered and germination will take place in about 7-14 days. When the seeds have germinated, water sparingly to prevent ‘damping off.’ Carefully transplant each seedling to a small pot and grow on for 4 weeks. Either transplant into larger pot (about 15cm) or into garden, spacing plants every 25cm apart, in rows 25cm apart. Only plant in garden when all threat of frost has passed – late May to early June. Alternatively sow direct in soil when night time temperatures are above 13°C around June, but the greenhouse method is more successful

Hints and Tips – Don’t overnwater basil but keep moist and don’t water foliage. Water in the morning as evening watering can lead to ‘damping off’. Pinch out growing tip 2 weeks after final transplant to encourage bushy basil plants.

Number of Seeds – Approx 50


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